About Us

With over 25 years of experience servicing the tri-state area, we pride ourselves in having the lowest price on any make any model.

Marquis Autos

Marquis Autos prides ourselves in having the lowest prices on any make and model. We offer a wide array of services such as delivering your new car to your home or office, returning your lease return, a certified body shop, and auto insurance.

We directly deal with the manufacturer’s fleet department. What does this mean for you? We pass along the savings, incentives, and rebates directly to our clients. We offer a smooth and quick transaction, making auto leasing or buying a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Marquis Autos is the leading leasing and sales company in the tri-state area. We specialize in luxury automobiles, but can help with any automobile acquisition. Our industry relationship allows us to be cutting edge with the best available programs on any make or model. We constantly strive to offer the lowest monthly payments on all leases. We are the pioneers in introducing quotes with our very own white glove service department.

What makes Marquis Autos unique?

It comes down to one thing: Service. As an independent company, we have the freedom to stand alone. not just to offer you the best automobile but also the best price on a variety of services. Service, price, and selection are at the core of Marquis Autos. Every detail of the clients purchasing process is laid out with a single goal in mind: to enhance the joy of leasing a new automobile. Marquis Autos knows that anything that does not provide more ease, more choices, the best service, simply does not belong at Marquis Autos. We know because we are not selling a car, we are building a relationship..